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Science Club

Sponsor: Ms. Valdes


Amelia Earhart's Science Club exists to provide enrichment opportunities to 5th grade students in the area of science. During our monthly gatherings, we explore, observe, investigate, and discover new scientific concepts. We do this by integrating, reading, math, social studies, art, music, and physical routines into our group-led activities. Many of our lessons come from one of our favorite Scholastic magazines named, SuperScience. In it, we find a variety of current real-life stories in the areas of Physical Science, Life Science, Earth Science, and Space with Technology that guide many of our intellectual discussions. Together, we critically think and enhance our scientific skills while succeeding to build a better future!

Club A Lot

Sponsor: Ms. Calzadilla


(Amelia's Leaders of Tomorrow) Purpose: To motivate and inspire our students to become involved and effective leaders. To serve as good role models and unselfishly assist in community projects to help those in need. To provide school wide assistance to teachers/staff and throughout school events.

The Singing Aviators

​​Sponsor: Ms. Pagan

Purpose of the chorus club is to provide a singing group for 4th & 5th grade students that meets once sometimes twice a week to learn about group singing and to prepare for school and community concerts. The group sings a wide variety of musical styles and performs two formal concerts a year, for Winter and Spring. In addition, the chorus sings annually at a local nursing home bringing holiday cheer to geriatric residents. The chorus club has participated and competited in the Miami Dade County Fair Exposition winning 1st place prizes for both group and solo singing. The chorus is always ready to sing the school song for any presentations and/or for visitors to our school showing their school spirit. We love to Sing, Play Instruments, Act, and Dance showing our love for music and the performing arts.

Safety Patrol

​​Sponsor: Gregory Xiques

The Amelia Earhart Safety Patrol is an honored position. They are a part of 562,000 students in 30,000 schools nationwide. Their responsibility consists of assisting teachers who oversee the safety of students in the morning before school begins and during dismissal. School Safety Patrol membership is a position of honor that has continued on since 1920. Students qualify for the Safety Patrol at the end of their 4th grade year and begin serving when in 5th grade. Safety Patrol members are expected to report for duty on time, set a good example to others, know and practice the safety rules, perform their duties faithfully, be dependable, trustworthy, courteous and polite at all times and to treat others as they would like to be treated. We appreciate the very important job our Safety Patrol performs at our school.

Friendly Club

​​Sponsors: Ms. Weinstein (counselor) & Ms. Carrasco (social worker)

Amelia Earhart Elementary- Friendly Club, The purpose of the friendly club is to enhance, learn and practice Social Skills in small group of students. The clubs members are 3rd, 4th, are 5th graders identified by their teachers and approved by their parents. The meetings are held once a month during their lunch time. Students discuss and role play different forms of communication and how it impacts their interactions with others. The club members learn definitions, characteristics and qualities in order to choose good friends. At the end of the school year, club members will have a quiz about the topics discussed during the sessions.

News Crew

​​Sponsor: Mrs. Gonzalez  


The news team at Amelia Earhart Elementary is responsible for keeping staff and students informed throughout the school year. Broadcasting daily from the A.E.E. control tower the team delivers daily news, current happenings and upcoming events.


Reading Club

​​Sponsor: Mrs. Palacios


Amelia’s Reading Club motivates and engages students’ critical thinking by focusing on above-level reading text.  Students work collaboratively to comprehend rigorous text by analyzing the challenging questions and organizing the information.  The club members lead weekly discussions about their reading selections which focus on the author’s point of view and variety of writing styles.  The club members participate in read-ins to encourage and develop an interest in pleasure reading amongst their school peers.  Through read-ins the student body is exposed to high interest new books, poetry, novels, and plays to help build a community of readers.


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