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Webinar: Supporting Students During Challenging Times

Please be informed that a pre-recorded webinar on how to support students during challenging times has been posted on Eduvision​ (click here). This webinar, available in English, Spanish and Haitian-Creole, provides important ​information, resources and tools that will assist parents/guardians in addressing challenging events with their children. Schools are strongly encouraged to ​​​promote parents’ viewing of the webinar by posting the links on the school’s website, disseminating the links among parents, based on their preferred language, and ​scheduling parent workshops to view the webinar and have a discussion about its content.​

Webinar: Supporting Students During Challenging Times

How To Reassure Our Students in Times of Crisis and Unrest?


English:  dadeschools - Eduvision

Spanish: dadeschools - Eduvision

Creole: dadeschools - Eduvision


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