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2015 Paraprofessional/Support Personnel of the Year

Elsa Majzoub became part of the Amelia Earhart Elementary family back in 1998 when her oldest daughter began Kindergarten.  She devoted time in helping the kindergarten teachers whenever possible.  She dedicated time in helping the PTA by selling lollipops afterschool and any other little thing that could help the school with extra money.  Many times she cooked turkeys for Thanksgiving classroom luncheons.  She even dedicated time in helping with Saturday tutoring whenever needed. 


In 2005, Elsa Majzoub was officially part of the Amelia Earhart family when she was hired as a paraprofessional where she assisted Ms. Gutierrez with her ESE students and Ms. Garcia with ESE Resource students.  Mrs. Majzoub never said no to any challenge, especially if it dealt with the progress of the students at Amelia Earhart Elementary.  In 2006, she was placed in the position of Security Guard, this helped her financially with more hours and she was happy because she could still work with students and see how they progressed.  Many times while sitting there in our school’s lobby, she worked at a table with two or three students who struggled with reading, writing or math skills.  She was happy; she did not ask for much from anyone, all she wanted were those hugs and kisses from the students when they achieved their goals. 


Elsa continues to work in our school, as an active member of our PTA and EESAC.  She is Betsy Narvaez’s right hand when it comes time to decorate our school for any special event.  She pulls students out of our classes when they need to take a breath of fresh air and she is able to calm them down and see that things are not that bad after all.  Mrs. Majzoub takes the students at Amelia very seriously.  She never knows how to say no, she takes the task and fulfills it to her very best ability, whether it be decorating, counting money, assisting with muscle spasms, serving lunch, setting up for special guests, or even mingling with guests, making sure that everyone feels right at home.


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